Friday / 31AUGUST2018

This time we said goodbye to three artists; Jo Michiels’s Bodily Drawings were presented by Regina Balázs. Shawn Bodden’s postcards from the future – Zalaegerseg by Erika Csiba and few of Dany Diaz Mejia’s short stories by Eszter Beck. Thank you all for an awesome night!

Wednesday / 22AUGUST2018

artists’ open studio event was, among others visited also by the local TV team; check out their KULTÚRKÖR debut here >>> [from 25:01]

Friday / 27JULY2018

Mew Jirasirikul (Thailand) and Francisco Diego (Mexico) presented their MiXER 16 collaboration project and artists’ book Re: Cordis, and we checked how well they got to know each other during the working process. CURATOR-FOR-A-DAY this time was : Rebeka Bogdán. Thnx all for joining!

Friday / 29JUNE2018

The works of Jennifer Bockelman and Devan Wardrop-Saxton were presented by Gábor Mészáros and Emese Kintli; while Jennifer was making sculptures for Lines of Flight series; Devan used the residency to work on her magical realist folktale with songs entitled: You My Love At Home Again.

Friday / 01JUNE2018

Thank you all who made it to the gallery tonight; the 2018 residency season is now officially opened with a (new) series of art-talks entitled: curator for a day. Regina Balázs mastered the job with excellence, presenting the works of Mika Yamakoshi.

Saturday / 10JANUARY2017

Thank you Budapest, thank you Müszi, artists, visitors, helpers, supporters (+ others); the 2016 residency season now officially ended. We are taking now some time off, but shall be back in 2018 with new creative stories. Stay tuned!

Friday / 09DECEMBER2016

WHAT WE HAVE IN COMMON? a retrospective group exhibition of projects created at D’CLINIC; at the opening we could once more enjoy Billie Hanne with her performance Deep broun sea. MÜSZI Budapest – on display till January 8th, 2017

Friday / 02DECEMBER2016

Last (studio) event of the 2016 residency season : with paintings by Blair Johnston and a dance/poetry performance by Billie Hanne

Friday / 04NOVEMBER2016

The NOVEMBER exhibition : time for MiXER15 (Sophie Durand & Magali Rifflart) to present their THE LIGHT AND THE HEAVY collaboration project and artists’s book, as well as ALEXANDRA UNGERN STERNBERG to present what she’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

Friday / 21OCTOBER2016

past, current and future works made within our residency programs are on display in Szombathely’s Képtár as part of the INTEAM exhibition & conference

Friday / 30SEPTEMBER2016

later that day: ‘Words with Friends’ MiXER 014 project/artists’ book was presented at the studio. That after the local band VEN rewarded us with a mini concert!

Friday / 30SEPTEMBER2016

MiXER 014 collaborators (HAYLEY SCRIVENOR + NIELS POIZ) moved into the Simon István Könyvesház bookshop; where visitors/readers had the opportunity to meet them and their ‘Words with Friends’ artists’ book.

Friday / 13SEPTEMBER2016

time to meet the new artists; MiXER 014 collaborators: HAYLEY SCRIVENOR + NIELS POIZ.

Friday / 2SEPTEMBER2016

After the MiXER 013 collaboration LOGIN ID performance and artists’ book presentation it was time for some sound action by Nadrai Róbert : read more + watch the performance

Thursday / 1SEPTEMBER2016

MiXER 013 collaboration artists’ book is published.

Tuesday / 16AUGUST2016

time for the fourth edition of meet the new artists; this time we returned to the studio with a renewed concept of the talk.

Friday / 29JULY2016

The JULY exhibition : We had the privilege to see / taste & experience the works by EN-EN SEE, VESNA ZUZEK and FEDERICO CITTARO. Thnx Podhorszky Gábor for great music!

Friday / 17JUNE2016

The JUNE exhibition : time for NOELLE NG PO LIN, ARIEL COTTON and CLAUDIA MARÍA CALDERÓN to present what they’ve been up to for the past few weeks.

Saturday / 11JUNE2016

Ariel got a special visit by the editor & maker of; a web portal devoted to comics. Read an interview with her here.

Thursday / 09JUNE2016

…early morning sneaking around the city with Noelle (and her soft sculpture). Noelle’s project is a trial to break the seriousness and tradition of a classic statue, in order to give the subject matter a new perspective and a bit of humour.

Tuesday / 07JUNE2016

time for the second edition of meet the new artists at the Popup Cafe.

Friday / 29APRIL2016

APRIL exhibition with : KATARINA HENRIKSSON , MADELEINE KOZMA , JAMISON EDGAR ,and the Arcanum 2014 video & animation festival winner JAMES CATHEY .

Tuesday / 12APRIL2016

this year we moved the meet the new artists event to the Popup Cafe, to attract even more listeners.

Monday / 4APRIL2016

A new residency season has started; the first artists for 2016 have moved in to the studio

Tuesday / 16FEBRUARY2016

forum discussion on independent community initiatives / places at MÜSZI – Budapest . D’CLINIC was there to present the work of an artist-run space. Thnx Tóth Norbert to do the job.

Thursday / 11FEBRUARY2016

A tour through the BEST OF D’CLINIC studios 2015 exhibition & conversation about conceptual art by Tóth Norbert

Thursday / 21JANUARY2016

The BEST OF D’CLINIC studios 2015 exhibition, features selected works by our resident artists of 2015 as well as the winning SHOVEL project and published book. On display at VMK – Gönczi Gallery until February 16, 2016. Thank you all who made this happen!

Friday / 27NOVEMBER2015

So many thank yous to say: artists Jane Fogarty, Anna Rose & Dervla O’Flaherty for the art and informative presentations. Gábor for translations, Norbi for logistics, Garamvölgyi Barnabás for the tasty Mulled wine, visitors for participating in our “wine-cup-decoration” competition, Borsos Zoltán, Takács Bálint & Nagy Csaba for great music…. to cut it short: THNX ALL for a wonderful evening! For a fantastic (season closing) exhibition night.

Thursday / 03NOVEMBER2015

Justin de Lima’s works on display at Göcseji Múzeum.

Thursday / 03NOVEMBER2015

Proud to share that the project Three Museum Objects by Lewis Colburn was part of Közgyűjteményi szakmai nap conference at Göcseji Múzeum – Zalaegerszeg.

JUSTIN de LIMA : Beings Imagined by a Stranger – was presented to the public, later that night we had the honour to be the first audience of VEN band new electronic bites. MORE

Thursday / 15OCTOBER2015

#meettheNEWartists vol.5 : work presentation by our current guest artists Johanne Hauge and Justin de Lima; spiced up with a performance by Johanne.

Friday / 2OCTOBER2015

MiXER 012 : KÉP KLUB by Amy Ritter, Kieran Butler, and Rob Burton; use expanded drawing, photographic and installation practices to create site responsive, often public, artworks in the context(s) they find themselves in. More about their artists’ book and the month in Zalaegerszeg : here.

Monday / 21SEPTEMBER2015

MiXER 012 aka KÉP KLUB invited the people of Zalaegerszeg to donate a space or object of their choosing. Surfaces included, but were not limited to, walls, garage doors, fences or objects such as a bicycle or an item of clothing. The artists design colors and imagery specific to the individual or family in their own artistic style : MORE

Tuesday / 15SEPTEMBER2015

#meetthenewartists vol. 4 : September was again the month for a MiXER collaboration, but before that Amy Ritter, Kieran Butler, and Rob Burton took us on a journey through their art.

Friday / 28AUGUST2015

AUGUST EXHIBITION : after a month of hard work, we had the pleasure to see and discuss the work by Lewis Colburn, Victoria Callinan and Lidia Malynowskyj. Plus the visitors also had the chance to cast a vote for their favourite SHOVEL project.




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