we are now open! (for a studio visit pls contact us via any of the social media channels)
Angie Allen – USA
Gregor Taul – Estonia

Tuesday / 25AUGUST2015

SHOVEL VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. It is time to decide which of the two projects developed within the August SHOVEL residency should culminate in an exhibition set up later this year. Fionn Duffy and Kaitlin Rees are eager to receive your support. The race is on till Friday, August 28th, 7pm. CAST YOUR VOTE HERE

Monday / 25AUGUST2015

Lewis at Göcsei Museum THREE MUSEUM OBJECTS : a series of sculptures based on objects from Zalaegerszeg’s museums and the town’s built environment. Together, these objects form a highly subjective cross-section of Zalaegerszeg’s history. The three objects come from very different physical areas of Zalaegerszeg, as well as different time periods in the region’s history. (photo: Lewis C. Installing his objects at Göcseji Museum, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary) MORE

Friday / 21AUGUST2015

Kaitlin Rees invited us to a reading party! A reading party is like any other party except that guests bring something to read out loud. It can be something that they’ve written or that someone else has. It can be from a great novel or from a shopping list.

Wednesday / 19AUGUST2015

Lidia at Göcsej Village Museum THE MOUNTAINS : an installation piece that have as a purpose to question how we establish particular ways of seeing the landscape; with this project the effort is focused on the attempt to transmit the essence of mountains without truly being one. (photo: Lidia M. installing at Göcseji Village Museum, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary) MORE

Tuesday / 11AUGUST2015

#meetthenewartists vol.3 : Beginning of August 3 new artists have occupied the studio. Past the familiarization phase Lewis Colburn, Fionn Duffy and Kaitlin Rees are already working on their newest art projects. However to see and hear what they’ve been up to in the past we gathered for a ‘meet the new artists‘ night (this time open air in our back yard). MORE

Friday / 31JULY2015

(First) project-exhibition at the new place – checked off! Thank you all for coming and making this evening so unforgettable. Thank you artists Carrie Fucile and Heidi Friesen for a revealing guided tour of their work. MORE

Thursday / 23JULY2015

ART VISIT : Wolf/Szüts Eszter stopped by and presented us her recent work..

Tuesday / 21JULY2015

#meetthenewartists vol.2 : this time it were Heidi Friesen and Victoria Callinan who took us on a journey through their art thought via photos and words.

Tuesday / 14JULY2015

#meetthenewartists : The ice is broken, our new studio is officially opened for the public. Thank you Carrie Fucile & Lidia Malynowskyj for the exciting work presentations.

Monday / 6JULY2015

NEW STUDIO : Dear D’CLINIC artists, friends, fans, supporters… We moved to a new studio, to a new city; however this story started with an unexpected (almost) shocking twist >>>>

Friday / 26JUNE2015

EXHIBITION : June resident artists Liz Werzbicki, Taylor Doyle and Suzanne Eldredge presented their work results to the public. Some snapshots from the even can be found > HERE

Tuesday / 23JUNE2015

SIGNIFICANT OTHER BODY : a performative workshop by Taylor Doyle; modelled like an instructor-led fitness class Taylor prepared a unique workout experience for the student of Dvojezična Srednja Šola Lendava.

Thursday / 18JUNE2015

ART VISIT : our current resident artists (Taylor, Liz, Suzanne) visited the local high school; they had a class about contemporary art, presented their own work and had a discussion with the students about the artist’s status in Slovenia and abroad.

Friday / 29MAY2015

FIRST FUNDRAISER : Supporters were invited to purchase the privilege of destroying artworks donated by D’CLINIC founder Katja Pál. Participants could choose to destroy the objects by any means fit, and a number of tools were on site to aid them YOU CAN ALSO PARTICIPATE > HERE

Friday / 24APRIL2015

ROSHANAK AMINI : Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery / April residency period ended with an exhibition by Roshanak Amini; exploring the relationship between globalization, language and identity. Through several installations, the artist has created a space in which language is decontextualized, deconstructed, analyzed, recontextualized and made tangible. MORE

Friday / 27MARCH2015

MiXER 011 : THE FOOTPRINT IN THE PLACE / unique Space of Lendava by Marko Kosović & Jana Jiraskova – Giving a different way of seeing a town. Focus the attention towards the traffic, space and density of people in the streets of Lendava. This project reflects to these different kinds of behaviour from a view of the outsider through number of various works. MORE

Friday / 06FEBRUARY2015

We visited INSTINC in Singapore; with a talk on Advantages of working collaboratively we introduced our MiXER program together with the artists’ books designed during the past projects. Thank you our host Shih Yun Yeo and all the listeners who made our evening.

Monday / 29DECEMBER2014

COOKING AFTERNOON : Minja Gu – her residency project was all about borders and food. For this we organised a cooking afternoon, where the public could come and help Minja mastering the secrets of dishes specific to our region.

Friday / 28NOVEMBER2014

HEAT TANK : Sky Dietrich aka Sky DISCO – performing works from her new EP titled, Scorpio Simplified @ MKI Mansarda – Padlás. All songs were created while in Lendava. This Live concert was followed by a deep house DJ set, to funnel us into a zone of Sky’s creativity. The party was filmed as footage for a music video.

Friday / 28NOVEMBER2014

MELUSINE’S WORK #7 : Fancisco Tomsich – Trg Zala Gyorgya, Lendava – an ephemeral, sophisticated, primitive public architectures dedicated to display paintings. The construction is from found materials and can be (symbolically) habitable. The interior is an unfold painting referring to the local environment while representing movement and transformation through the chosen painting technique.

Sunday / 23NOVEMBER2014

ARCANUM 2014 – WINNER : It is time to put a dot at the end of the sentence and announce the winner of ARCANUM 2014 video & animation festival. Follow the link – view their work – tell us who should be awarded with a 1 month residency at D’CLINIC // the votes will be accepted till Sunday – November 30th, 2014// : MORE

Friday / 14NOVEMBER2014

What a day, what a night! Great pleasure to see all these curious faces exploring the exhibition with a little collaboration guide in their hands. MiXER group exhibition : Hungary, Zalaegerszeg, VMK – Gönczi Galéria.

Friday / 14NOVEMBER2014

End of September we hosted one of our firs residency N.O.W. guests. Croatian KRUNO JOŠT was working on digitization of old 16 mm films. The first results of a work in progress – video projection with live sound performance – were shown as the opening act of MiXER group exhibition in Zalaegerszeg, HU.

Friday / 17OCTOBER2014

At the end of their stay in Lendava SERENA LUMLEY and TIMOTHY EDMUNDS opened the door of the studio and present their newest paintings, graphics, sculptures,… created within the past two months

Friday / 29AUGUST2014

MiXER 010: SLADOLED SOCILA by Elena Feijoo & Eden Mitsenmacher – created a body of works which seeks to open up questions surrounding accessibility, identity, and gender by utilizing the physical and visual allure of ice cream. MORE

Friday / 22AUGUST2014

TRES/PASSING : audio-visual installation; Nataša Prljević, Jesús Portal and Elena Feijoo recognized the studio courtyard as a potent place to work with and reflect on. Its micro narratives were transformed through multimedia interventions into a site specific installation : MORE

Friday / 26JULY2014

It’s been another splendid night at the studio. July Exhibition was a combination of an site-specific installation by Azyz Sharafy , interactive performance/game by Oona Tikkaoja and a book presentation by our MiXER 009 collaborators : J. Pacsoe & Henry Andersen.

Monday / 21JULY2014

8x8x8 by Oona Tikkaoja : from today till Friday, July 25th on the streets of Lendava, Oona is gathering the public to “shift the obvious” and experience the invisible and subtle rules of “normal” behaviour in our everyday life. Come, join the game. It’s fun(ny)!

Friday / 11JULY2014

[FROM THE STUDIO VISIT SERIES] This time we visited the Hungarian visual artists Frimmel Gyula, a master of etching and mezzotint – a species that is dying out; here few snapshots from his studio , while for more of his amazing, precise works : HERE

Friday / 27JUNE2014

JUNE EXHIBITION served with variety of artistic genres : visitors could see/experience interactive/conceptual works by NAOMI TATTUM , manipulated photographs by RACHEL ELDER as well as the publication of MiXER 008 artists’ book by Zeina Kazimi & Yuko Kinouchi.

Friday / 20JUNE2014

As part of her recent project Naomi Tattum made a performance of walking around Lendava with a sign saying PROGRESS (created to look like a sign you would see on entering a town in Slovenia). Being physically in the place Progress questions how and why we define it.

Friday / 13JUNE2014

D’CLINIC toured to Colour Arts Festival in Zalaegerszeg – HU; We were represented by an interactive installation/work in progress by Naomi Tattum, a painting construction by Katja Pál and last but not least ARCANUM 2014 June screening.

Friday / 30MAY2014

ARCANUM 2013 winner : SERHIY SAVCHENKO – was a guest artists at the studio during the month May; in this time he made several new stop motion animations which premiered at the closing exhibition

Friday / 30MAY2014

MiXER 007 : SIT_MOVE by Demetris Shammas & Rana Karan – Two players, two acts was the basis of this collaboration project. Their published artists’ book is a presentation of various methods comparing the two different ways of seeing (the same things) : MORE

Friday / 25APRIL2014

MEMORY by Brooke Sanderson – Brook’s work for this exhibition was built around her interest in using unstretched canvas and the contradictions that arise from leaving areas unprimed : MORE

Friday / 25APRIL2014

MEMORY by Elien Ronse – another splendid night! Elien’s presentation was a collage of small interactive projects : MORE

Friday / 28MARCH2014

MiXER 006 : DIS-PLAY by Dorothee Haller & Sandra Blichert Christensen – we have witnessed fragments of a place picked and kept in pockets for playing the game of exchange, was presented to the public, together with the published artists’ book : MORE

Monday / 03FEBRUARY2014


Friday / 27DECEMBER2013

FREEZE, THAW, BEGIN AGAIN / ZAMRZNI, ODTALI, ZAČNI ZNOVA by Ann Mansolino – the last (but not least) show of the 2013 season was presented to visitors : MORE

Friday / 29NOVEMBER2013

A Patch of #BCD2EE – and the big day has finally arrived. The amazing performance & exhibition to accompany the current MiXER project took place in an abandoned bar not far from the studio : MORE

Tuesday / 26NOVEMBER2013

MiXER 005 – A Patch of #BCD2EE – is to be presented soon : as a special feature, there will be ”performed miniatures” every day before the live event. These performances can be viewed from the window of the studio at 5pm daily : MORE

Thursday / 31OCTOBER2013

SHANNA MAURIZI – Description of Changing Conditions – works exploring the unknown and its description, realized in drawing, altered photographs and collage, and a short film; were presented to the public : MORE

Friday / 11OCTOBER2013

SHANNA MAURIZI – we took an extensive visit of Slovenia’s incredible underground cave system; Križna Jama, where Shanna was collecting footage for her recent project “How to Understand Things You Can’t See”, is the largest cave in the world with chains of subterranean lakes : VISIT THE PHOTO GALLERY

Wednesday / 11SEPTEMBER2013

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis – is an artistic proposal, is a short term, nomadic, residency program, which is closed with an exhibition. It takes place every year in a different location for a period of seven to ten days including the exhibition. Its objective is to provide a blank state to ( ) artists : MORE

Thursday / 29AUGUST2013

PEOPLE THAT IS DOING THIS : MiXER collaboration project by Julia Nymann & Alessandra Hoshor meshes dynamics of identity construction, time, and place via multi-channel video installation and performance : MORE

Friday / 23AUGUST2013

street artists LATZI – Artifacts : draws a line intersecting two points across the city of Lendava: “The Studio” and “The House.” Throughout the daily journey between the two locations the artist documented the objects, people, and places that she observed : MORE

Friday / 26JULY2013

OLIVIA FURBER – Spiritual Supermarket : premiere of a mock video diary chronicalling the journies and frustrations of a new-age spiritual seeker trying to “find herself” in Lendava.

Friday / 26JULY2013

ROSIE MONTFORD – Hillside Vines : silkscreen prints, lino-cuts, digital prints, drawings and sewing capturing the playfulness of Lendava vineyards : MORE

Tuesday / 23JULY2013

ELLEN SYLVARNES – Looking Sideways : project involving drawing with metal ink and small casted sculpture pieces faced the audience. With success : MORE

Friday / 05JULY2013

ARCANUM festival of video & animation works – screening one – just happened in the romantic atmosphere of our atrium. Next week we will repeat the screenings, and finally announce the first three finalists for the one-month residency prize : MORE

Friday / 28JUNE2013

…and “The Machine has spoken!” – XXL EHIBITION featuring works by JOANNE MADELEY MARGRÉT H. SESSELJUDÓTTIR JÓN ÖRN LOĐMFJÖRĐ has serve its guests with many surprises: a poetry machine, a subtle performance, colorful prints (to name just a few of them)

Thursday / 20JUNE2013

KAREN BERNARD – we have witnessed a unique performance Suspending and Other Tricks, a solo dance using visuals and sound score about a personal history that is closer to the end than the beginning : MORE

Tuesday / 18JUNE2013

JOANNE MADELEY – opened the silkscreen printing season : that’s how it’s done

Fiday / 14JUNE2013

We peeked behind the curtain of KAREN BERNARD’s production – Suspending and Other Tricks, find out : MORE

Saturday / 08JUNE2013

ARTIST’S BOOK : MOVEMENT AND MANUFACURE by Sasha Amaya + Paloma Ayala; gathering movement and images influenced by the space, sounds, and routines of Lendava : DIP INTO THE BOOK

Friday / 07JUNE2013

MOVEMENT AND MANUFACURE : MiXER collaboration project by Sasha Amaya and Paloma synthesizing the media of dance and drawing was presented to the public : MORE

Friday / 31MAY2013

ANN SCHNAKE – Wooden Possibility, Economies, Romance and Imagination – An artful dinner as social sculpture for all those who have ever faced impossibility and looked for ways out. Calling on the mythology of California, Ann was preparing fine foods in the style of San Francisco…for workers, artists, dreamers, the wishful, downtrodden, delusional, heartbroken and the hopeful : MORE

Thursday / 16MAY2013

MiXER 003 – cross-disciplinary collaboration project premiered just few days ago. Paloma Ayala & Sasha Amaya are rocking the floor of our neighbourhood : MORE

Saturday / 04MAY2013

ANN SCHNAKE : LADDERS, IMAGINATION AND POSSIBILITY FOR PRECARIOUS TIMES – tools for carving are sharpened, wood is carefully selected, the work can begin : MORE

Monday / 08APRIL2013

ANNE-LOUISE ROOSEN – after a week of gathering impressions, she is now transforming them to images using an analogue 6×6 medium format camera : MORE

Friday / 22MARCH2013

HUGO EXBRAYAT – his experiments within the “Daily Quests for Archaeology” series, are finally shared with the public : MORE

Saturday / 16MARCH2013

C.I.Y.REPUBLIC – a mobile artproject lab, with a series of interdisciplinary workshops and activities in the field of art and culture (involving photography and film, silkscreen printing and music/sound) made a 3 days stop in Lendava & our studios : MORE

Monday / 11MARCH2013

HUGO EXBRAYAT – the first resident of the 2013 season in his “daily quests for Archaeology” : MORE

Thursday / 31JANUARY2013

LOOKING FORWARD to fill this space with new creative stories. We start March 4th.

Friday / 26OCTOBER2012

“home is where I am. at the vineyards.under the apple tree.with you” : detail from the HOME ALONE installation by Adrienn Kiss : MORE

Wednesday / 03OCTOBER2012

Linda & Nikola presenting their MiXER experience in Blegrade (SR) …

Friday / 28SEPTEMBER2012

MiXER 002 cross-disciplinary collaboration project : HEJ! HEY! XEJ! – go public : MORE

Sunday / 15SEPTEMBER2012

MiXER 002 cross-disciplinary collaboration project : HEJ! HEY! XEJ! is well under way. One part of the project involves an intervention into the community by posting ‘Like’ signs in places that the artists particularly appreciate : MORE

Sunday / 19AUGUST2012

LAUREN REDPATH & CARLOS PARRAGA : cutting, sewing, moulding, compositing, gathering, cooking, … for a suitcase full of surprises : MORE

Friday / 10AUGUST2012

” right from the oven” – ARTIST’S BOOK : A CO-EFFICIENT OF WEIRDNESS by ALLISON HALTER & HOLLY STREEKSTRA, to reveal commonality, as well as differences of their creative thinking / the image above  ‘glow cat’ (detail) / LEAF THROUGH THEIR ARTIS’S BOOK

Thursday / 09AUGUST2012

MiXER 001 cross-disciplinary collaboration project : A CO-EFFICIENT OF WEIRDNESS – go public : MORE

Thursday / 09AUGUST2012

ALLISON HALTER & HOLLY STREEKSTRA – first ever MiXER collaborators – their common interests in natural and practical magical, oblique strategies have mature to a series of videos, photographs, actions, and a magic performance that swept up the shy audience of Lendava : MORE

Friday / 03AUGUST2012

MARIA PETUKHOVA : her 3 months @ D’CLINICstudios has reached its grand finale – under “meet the artist” event Maria presented her project to the public : MORE

Wednesday / 01AUGUST2012

D’CLINICstudios presents : Maria Petukhova AWKWARD MOMENT(S) – a board game capturing her Lendava experience where awkwardness is pre-programmed

Monday / 30JULY2012

RICCARDO MURELLI : here it is in all its glory, the newest piece of his UNLIMITED series – which at the same time is the start of the “sculpture forest” project @ D’CLINIC studios : MORE

Monday / 23JULY2012

RICCARDO MURELLI : the 4 elements of his piece reached its final destination – our private forest – well, this time around Murelli is facing a new challenge, setting up a wooden sculpture in pure natural environment : MORE

Friday / 18MAY2012

MARIA PETUKHOVA : our first TRACTOR AiR – gathering portraits of the surrounding place using an analogue 6×6 middle format camera : MORE