BLOG04: Oct. 24., 2021

It’s getting messy.

I snapped some photos while developing forms in wax to cast in melted-down scrap aluminum. Since I use the lost-wax process, I often work from molds and cast textures as well as found objects and garbage. Wax and casting can get quite messy, as you can see from images of my studio here. I find it difficult to take pictures of the wax process, mainly because the wax doesn’t show up well in photos. But I hope these few help to elaborate on the process.

During my conversation with Gabor at D’Clinic last week, I mentioned that I have been interested in working with horn and bell shapes. While developing these in the studio I thought about how these forms seek to call out, sing, announce. In song, there is new thought and community. I like to think of these forms emerging from the past and defining something new. I will continue to work with these ideas and I look forward to seeing them cast in metal.

EMILY BUDD – TRACTOR online residency