red flamingo 004

TITLE // ‘Speak of the devil’
ARTIST // ROBERT Gray // United Kingdom

‘Speak of the devil’ is a term that denotes the appearance of something after talking about it; acting as a spooky coincidence that also sends a warning to one’s self not to invoke something that they may not wish for. I propose making sculptures/mini installations that, when curated together in the proposed space, create a narrative of stillness and anxiety. They will address acts of self-preservation as well as destruction – incorporating naivety, futility, scaremongering, toxic masculinity, and divisiveness; all wrapped up in floor to ceiling transparent plastic tarp.

It is a comment on capitalistic animalism as well as the human need for truth, enlightenment, and guidance. The somewhat dramatic tone of this visual language will be underpinned with dark humour and will hopefully engage a variety of spectators, sparking a commonality to differing perspectives whereby they can acknowledge the absurdities and contradictory behaviour of our wider society.

@ RED Flamingo – October 2021