Late Bloomer

EMILY BUDD – VIRTUAL EXHIBITION OF HER TRACTOR ONLINE RESIDENCY Statement Late Bloomer traverses the mystery, awkwardness, survival, and ultimate expansion of queer desire and futurity. This project combines video collage, projection, geologic matter and cast aluminum into environments that exaggerate the disillusion of a virtual gallery space. Found objects, garbage and natural matter gather […]


BLOG07: Nov. 7., 2021ALUMINATI Friday night was the culmination of an event I’d been planning with my students at the University for our annual Art Walk, where the public came to share the foundry experience with us. Through my work, I challenge traditional attitudes surrounding foundry practices such as that it is masculine, ableist, and […]

Art, Trash, and Ghosts

BLOG06: Oct. 30., 2021ART, TRASH, AND GHOSTS On Saturday my partner and I drove two hours west from Las Vegas to the remote mining town of Beatty, Nevada and the adjacent ghost town of Rhyolite, where the Goldwell Open Air Museum was having their Bullfrog Biennial. One of the first works I visited was “Arterial” […]

Gathering in Casting

BLOG05: Oct. 30., 2021GATHERING IN CASTING I have been collecting fingers and gestures from friends and folks in my nearby community to consider fragments of social forms, gathering them and documenting them through various casting techniques. An exploration of gesture as a directional indication, I see this as relating to breaking down exclusionary approaches in […]

red flamingo 004

TITLE // ‘Speak of the devil’ARTIST // ROBERT Gray // United Kingdom@robcharlesgray ‘Speak of the devil’ is a term that denotes the appearance of something after talking about it; acting as a spooky coincidence that also sends a warning to one’s self not to invoke something that they may not wish for. I propose making […]

Further Wax Work

BLOG04: Oct. 24., 2021FURTHER WAX WORK It’s getting messy. I snapped some photos while developing forms in wax to cast in melted-down scrap aluminum. Since I use the lost-wax process, I often work from molds and cast textures as well as found objects and garbage. Wax and casting can get quite messy, as you can […]

Metalworking Excerpt

BLOG03 : Oct. 20., 2021METALWORKING EXCERPT Tonight I spent some time in the metal shop cleaning up a new cast aluminum component that will be attached to another part later. It’s a form I constructed from various found objects, garbage and experimental castings in wax, then cast in solid aluminum. This particular piece is fun […]

blog post Oct 18, 2021

BLOG02 : Oct. 18., 2021 One of my goals during this virtual residency is to bring you pieces of the Mojave Desert through this blog. I moved here two years ago, so in many ways the desert is still very new to me, but its influence and presence in my practice is impossible to deny. […]

Finding Lost Wax

BLOG01 : Oct. 13., 2021FINDING LOST WAX This is the first blog post of my virtual residency with D’Clinic. In the first couple of days I have been exploring some initial ideas for my residency project using wax and casting techniques. Since I will be using the Lost Wax method to cast new metal works […]

red flamingo 003

TITLE // ENTANGLED PERCEPTIONSARTIST // NOOR TAAN // Lebanon@noortaan  a spiritual shower experience made entirely from loofah — this installation is a global concept that aims at transcending borders evolving every time it travels and meets a new audience that interacts with it. More soon… @ RED Flamingo – October 2021