Further Wax Work

BLOG04: Oct. 24., 2021FURTHER WAX WORK It’s getting messy. I snapped some photos while developing forms in wax to cast in melted-down scrap aluminum. Since I use the lost-wax process, I often work from molds and cast textures as well as found objects and garbage. Wax and casting can get quite messy, as you can […]

Metalworking Excerpt

BLOG03 : Oct. 20., 2021METALWORKING EXCERPT Tonight I spent some time in the metal shop cleaning up a new cast aluminum component that will be attached to another part later. It’s a form I constructed from various found objects, garbage and experimental castings in wax, then cast in solid aluminum. This particular piece is fun […]

blog post Oct 18, 2021

BLOG02 : Oct. 18., 2021 One of my goals during this virtual residency is to bring you pieces of the Mojave Desert through this blog. I moved here two years ago, so in many ways the desert is still very new to me, but its influence and presence in my practice is impossible to deny. […]

Finding Lost Wax

BLOG01 : Oct. 13., 2021FINDING LOST WAX This is the first blog post of my virtual residency with D’Clinic. In the first couple of days I have been exploring some initial ideas for my residency project using wax and casting techniques. Since I will be using the Lost Wax method to cast new metal works […]