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TITLE // ‘Speak of the devil’ARTIST // ROBERT Gray // United Kingdom@robcharlesgray ‘Speak of the devil’ is a term that denotes the appearance of something after talking about it; acting as a spooky coincidence that also sends a warning to one’s self not to invoke something that they may not wish for. I propose making […]

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TITLE // ENTANGLED PERCEPTIONSARTIST // NOOR TAAN // Lebanon@noortaan  a spiritual shower experience made entirely from loofah — this installation is a global concept that aims at transcending borders evolving every time it travels and meets a new audience that interacts with it. More soon… @ RED Flamingo – October 2021

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TITLE // PUPPETBOX IARTIST // JUAN Pablo Céspedes // Chile@lubbert_das1475 Figuratively, we ask who pulls the strings when we want to know who controls something; who is really in charge, especially when said control comes from people acting in the shadows, like … puppeteers. With this installation I wanted to answer that question literally: it’s […]