2018 we moved into our current studio/house with a large garden, situated in a residential part of Zalaegerszeg, only 15 min walk from the city centre.

During their stay the guest artists will be accommodated and work at the same location; the living area, however, is separate from the studio part of the house.

  • studio space : about 100sqm, high ceiling & good light of space for creative engagement.
    The space is divided into 2 parts: a smaller 12sqm enclosed studio and a larger “open” studio space; this, however, is flexible and can be organised into smaller individual units – depending on the specific needs of individual artists. (the space is shared by max. three artists)
  • the studio is equipped with wifi, water, electricity, toilet
  • for writers and/or individuals who mostly work with a computer (or other dry media), we can offer an enclosed 30sqm live/work studio room
  • open 24/7 and all along their stay artists are free to organise their time at D’CLINIC
  • in specific cases, we can provide/arrange access to additional facilities for production. feel free to ask (see below : materials & equipment )
  • if no special agreements are made the studio stays modestly arranged with basic equipment (tables, chairs, basic tools & leftover materials).
  • outdoors activities/work is also possible



A network of different cultural institutions & workshops allows us to offer (or provide access to) our residency artists a wide range of equipment and/or materials for their work; depending on the specific needs and complexity of the planned project:


  • foundry for small-scale sculptures (for bronze, aluminum,… casting)
  • wood workshop (with belt sander 60Ø, band saw, lathe,…)
  • printmaking supplies & press (for lithography, etching, lino-cut, wood-cut,…)
  • screen printing equipment
  • metal workshop
  • ceramics kiln & pottery wheel
  • sewing machine


  • all requirements are discussed on a case-by-case basis
  • if no special agreements are made the studio stays modestly arranged with basic equipment (tables, chairs, basic tools & leftover materials …).
  • some of the above-mentioned workshops and/or equipment are not in our ownership, and therefore booking it may be subject to additional cost, and the access might be limited and/or subject to appointments

A collection of basic tools (stapler, pliers, cutter, hammer, drill…) and different donated materials (various paints, wood, cardboard, …) are always at hand, but artists need to bring/provide their own working materials and personal tools (brushes, engraving knives, instruments, computers, cameras…).


Accommodation is included in the program fee.

  • we offer a furnished, shared house with 2 single bedrooms and 1 shared bedroom for creative duos and/or collectives
  • a shared kitchen, bathroom, and a cosy yard
  • the provided studios are situated within the same building
  • D’CLINIC residency house is only about 15min walk from the city centre of Zalaegerszeg
  • nearest grocery shop – 1-minute walk from the studio house
  • nearest pub/restaurant – 1-minute walk from the studio house
  • nearest bakery – 1-minute walk from the studio house
  • nearest bus stop – 1-minute walk from the studio house



D’CLINIC started out in Lendava, a small town in the northeast of Slovenia, but moved across the border to Hungary in July 2015.

You can now find us in Zalaegerszeg; a dashing city in the west of Hungary, on the banks of the Zala River, close to the Slovenian, Austrian (and Croatian) border and only 220 kilometres/137 miles (by car) south-west of Budapest or 32km/19.67mi from lake Balaton.

Famous for its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and laid-back lifestyle, Zalaegerszeg offers an inspirational setting for intensive, introverted exploration, experimentation and/or creation within contemporary art practices.


inside a radius of 220km (136mi) you can find all the major cities of this extravagant European region embracing 5 countries :

  • BUDAPEST – Hungary
  • ZAGREB – Croatia
  • LJUBLJANA – Slovenia
  • VIENNA – Austria
  • BRATISLAVA – Slovakia
  • a day trips to these and other cities can be organized with D’CLINIC team