RED Flamingo exhibition : The Sound of Pray and Stillness by Rohan Khanna


MEET THE ARTIST : it was great to see artists and visitors back at the studio! Thank you Ahma Hokkanen and Deidre Argyle for an interesting talk, as well as the local TV crew for the interview!


NOW ON VIEW : EMILY BUDD : Late Bloomer / TRACTOR online – virtual exhibition
Check out the sculptures Emily was working on during her online residency with us. To see the works CLICK HERE or listen to the chat with Emily taking us behind the scenes of the finished works. Hosted by Gábor Mészáros; watch it here!


TRACTOR online – review : For the past four weeks, EMILY BUDD was working remotely on her sculptures, and writing regular blog posts about the process and the happening around it. In this live chat, Emily is talking about the online vs. studio work experience as well as revealing secrets that were not captured by her camera or pen. Hosted by Gábor Mészáros; watch it here !


MEET THE ARTIST vol.06 : introducing ROBERT GRAY, the talk is hosted by Gábor Mészáros and live-streamed via our Instagram account – still available in the IGTV


RED Flamingo project space : SPEAK OF THE DEVIL by ROBER GRAY Sculptures/mini installations that, when curated together in the space, create a narrative of stillness and anxiety. These sculptures address acts of self-preservation as well as destruction – incorporating naivety, futility, scaremongering, toxic masculinity, and divisiveness. See it here!


EXHIBITION 04 : »What I mean is-» by IAN SKIRVIN. A night of »broken pieces glued together, low-frequency oscillators pulsing, tracing lines without reason«, live noise performance, as well as chestnuts fresh from the oven.


MEET THE ARTIST vol.05 : introducing our current online resident EMILY BUDD, the chat is hosted by Gábor Mészáros and can still be caught up here.


RED Flamingo project space : ENTANGLED PERCEPTIONS by NOOR TAAN The next station of an endless touring project, evolving with each new station. The project is constantly changing as it meets a new audience who interacts with it. With this, Luffa takes on new forms and features that expand its use and complement already sustainable applications. Here we had the privilege to experience a perfect bathroom experience. See it here!


EXHIBITION 03 : Memory by BARBARA GUNDLACH. An exhibition presenting the results of her two-week stay at D’CLINIC. During this time she created several installations, photo works, and an outdoor sculpture; her first actually! You are welcome to come around if you are in town, to check out the sculpture!


MEET THE ARTIST vol.04 : introducing NOOR TAAN. The talk was hosted by Gábor Mészáros and live-streamed via Instagram – still available in the IGTV, check it out!


MEET THE ARTIST vol.03 : introducing BARBARA GUNDLACH and IAN SKIRVIN. The talk was hosted by Gábor Mészáros and live-streamed via Instagram


RED Flamingo project space : UNTITLED by ZOLTÁN BORSOS It was our idea to start off this project space by enabling local artists to share their creativeness with the current guest artists. Due to Covid and all its consequences, this 2020 initial Red Flamingo season was cancelled aka postponed. With a one year delay, we were happy to present the first local artist: Zoltán published a two-volume photobook story about proximity, distance, a bægel, cinemating fish, dreams slowly coming true, floods, room 203, and why it pays off to sometimes rush into the world without a word. More here!


EXHIBITION 02 : featuring works by ASTRID VLASMAN Astrid made work with paper that she found in the paper containers here in Zalaegerszeg; she has made three large works by tearing and pasting this paper. She was also inspired by birches in the garden of the studio and continued her chair series from tea bags. More about her work in the upcoming eZine. Stay tuned!


RED Flamingo project space : PUPETBOX I by JUAN PABLO CÉSPEDES RODRÍGUEZ : we can finally open the doors of our new project space, where we invite artists to a kind of white cube environment where anything is possible; to transform it according to their personal vision. Juan created an interactive installation questioning who is really in charge, who pulls the strings of our everyday life? Are we puppets? – more about the exhibit here


MEET THE ARTIST vol.02 : introducing JUAN PABLO CÉSPEDES from Chile and ASTRID VLASMAN from the Netherlands. The talk was hosted by Gábor Mészáros and live-streamed via our Facebook page – take a look if you’d missed it: Juan and Astrid!


EXHIBITION 01 : featuring works by PAULA MANUEL RUBIO; two weeks have passed quickly and with it Paula’s time at our studio. To close her residency and open our season of art events she made an installation from paintings produced during her stay. Thank you all for joining us – a lovely evening it was!


MEET THE ARTIST vol.01 : starting off the 2021 residency season with an introduction of two painters PAULA MANUEL RUBIO and ERIKA MIKLÓŠOVÁ. The talk was hosted by Gábor Mészáros and live-streamed via Instagram


soundtrack 7 : THE WOODWOMAN before departure Clarissa Falco presented her (sculpture) work and performance at the MimikArt Gallery. Thank you all for coming! & Thnx for the photos Zoltan!


We are very happy to meet and greet Clarissa Falco, the first guest artists for this COVID-19 affected residency season. Thank you for giving us a detailed insight into your art practice!



EXHIBITION NIGHT : Sierra Severson and Alisa Hellstrom presented their MiXER collaboration artists’ book entitled 20, and challenged the visitors to a collage competition. The visitors of the exhibition event were randomly paired up to create a unique collage using images and words prepared by Sierra and Alisa.


after a few weeks break, the 2019 residency season returns with a MiXER collaboration by Sierra Severson and Alisa Hellstrom; tonight we had the opportunity to learn about their life and art. MEET THE GUEST ARTISTS at Club PopUp Underground (thnx for photo Zoltan B.)



THIS EXHIBITION NIGHT was another night to be remembered; while Nicola presented his new, experimental Bad & Ipad series of monoprints, Sarah and Estela performed their MiXER collaboration project (and artists’ book) Crash and Born, giving the audience the opportunity crash and burn (their inner tensions)… 


OPEN STUDIO is an opportunity for artists to present their ongoing / in-progress work and get a first handed response from the public as well as invited art professionals; the evening ended with a spontaneous concert by the “MiXER toy orchestra” consisting of random visitors, and Sarah the conductor (for video footage visit our FB or IG page)


Sarah Hughes, Estela Sanchis and Nicolas Maisoneuve are the new artists taking over the studio for the upcoming three weeks; here at the ‘meet the guest artists’ evening they shared with us their story and art



four weeks of the TRACTOR residency term passed quickly. LECH, Shin Itagaki, and Miranda J Friedman (with her local theatre gang) presented the results of their hard work during the past weeks. Thank you all who made this possible!



welcome #dclinic19 ! The new residency kicked off with a “meet the guest artist” talk at PopUp Underground. Thank you, Miranda J Friedman (USA) and Shin Itagaki (Japan), for sharing your story with us. Thank you, Gábor, for hosting the night! (btw. the third July guest artist will join us shortly)


So many goodbyes and thanks to say this evening as we are closing the residency season for this year. Artists’ Angie Allen and Gregor Taul work were presented by their curators Zoltán Borsos and Herkli Mátyás Barnabás! (Herewith thank you to all the participants of the ‘Curator for a day’ series of presentations & spending time with the artists.)…till next season!