Do you have a project idea?

Are you keen to develop work in a place where anything is possible?

video art,
sound art,
text art,
idea based art,
participatory art,
light installations,
artistic interventions,

 … all welcome!
Painting and other visual art forms are also NOT excluded!

RED Flamingo is looking for site-specific, in situ and other projects or exhibition ideas to be realised within our new project space, during the upcoming 2022 residency season.

What kind of exhibition projects do we have in mind?

We offer you a kind of white cube environment, which you can transform or use according to your creative vision. We encourage you to think spatially; use the walls, ceiling, and floor as part of your artwork. Yes, they can be painted, etc. to set up a comprehensive environment and experience for the audience.

There are no limitations in regard to medium, theme, or subject. Our only condition for the selected exhibition is that it takes into account the specifics of our exhibition space.

Does this sound too demanding? No worries, our curator, if needed, can help you with the development of your idea. The candidates will be selected based on their previous work and the potential of their proposed (project) idea. 

Gallery details:

WIDTH:  3 m / 9.8 ft
LENGTH: 5 m / 16.4 ft
HEIGHT: 2,05 m / 7.5 ft

of white, drywall space, no window (one end of the space is the door, but if needed can also be used as wall surface); gallery plan

All other details below:

Do I have to bring finished work or can I produce works at the location?
Setting up an exhibition project at Red Flamingo should be considered as a residency opportunity. You can apply for a max. four weeks stay, which should provide enough time for you to finish up your project idea. The residency will end with a public presentation of your work.

You can of course also bring finished work(s), but at your own expense and responsibility.

How long can I stay?
1 – 4 weeks; the selected period should provide enough time for you to finish up your project idea. The residency will end with a public presentation of your work.

You can of course also bring finished work(s), but at your own expense and responsibility.

Can we come as an artist duo (or group)?
Yes and no.

Due to a limited accommodation space we do welcome applications from artists duos, but not of larger groups. Unless you are willing to take care of your accommodation.

Your plus one is charged 200 EUR per week. The residency fee for larger groups will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I come with a friend, or someone who is not my co-artist?
You can!

Red Flamingo exhibition programme gives you the opportunity to be accompanied by your friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-worker, assistant, spouse, sibling … or another artist, to help you with the work related to your project or just give you comfort during your stay.

Your plus one is charged 200 EUR per week.

Where will I work?
RED Flamingo guests are expected to work in situ at the provided gallery space, but will of course have access if needed, to all other facilities ie. studio.

Read more about our studio space and materials available: click here!

What if by the time of arrival I change my mind regarding the proposed exhibition idea?
Sure we are aware that time and other experiences can influence your initial exhibition plan. You might also be inspired by the place itself, or similar.

Adapting or changing your idea to the new reality is definitely possible. However, all changes should be discussed and agreed on with D’CLINIC curator.

Is there a participation fee?
The 2022 Red Flamingo residency spot comes with a max. 320 Euro participation fee per week.
For details regarding the residency fee click here!
What is included in the fee?
Besides technical assistance on your project set up, opening reception, media promotion, professional event photos;
all guest artists are provided with accommodation, towels and linens, housekeeping service, a shared kitchen, yard/terrace, bicycle, and wireless internet.
Can I apply for a discount?

You can choose the option to donate one of your works to D’CLINIC art collection and we grant you a 15% discount on the (total) residency fee in exchange (This opportunity applies to all artistic disciplines. We do also accept works produced especially for this purpose. Details will be discussed with the invited artists.)

Are there any additional programs or expectations toward the artists?
Each residency at D’CLINIC starts with an art-dinner followed by a “meet the new artist” event, organised at the studio or one of our partner institutions; here artists are asked to share (have a presentation) their artistic practice with the peer group and others interested. The talk is also being live-streamed.
past exhibition projects
CLICK HERE for the previously realized RED Flamingo projects

application deadline : December 23, 2021

IMPORTANT, please note: you cannot save your work during the application process. We recommend you prepare your project and the application documents first and copy-paste your answers into the form. What you need:
– personal info
– previous work samples (portfolio or website, Instagram link)
– project idea max. 1000 characters
– visuals depicting your project idea, to show how you plan to use/transform the space (pdf file, max 2MB)
– preferred duration and timing of your stay (between July 4 and October 30, 2022)

* if you shall notice an error with the application form; for example, no scroll bar, please try to refresh the page before continuing

We are looking forward to meet and work with you during the upcoming RF exhibition season