Are you seeking stimulation
for your creative mind?

Do you have an exciting project
and need a space to show it?

Are you fed up with restrictions, compromises, and
other endless no’s, when setting up a gallery show?

In addition to our well-established residency programmes, we are about to launch an alternative project space, from June 2021, Red Flamingo; aiming to provide a home to all those art projects that would generally be banned from, or have hard times finding their way into “galleries”  (at least here in our neighborhood).

We are looking for courageous, short-term, site-specific, in situ … projects. Or as we call them : arty experiences!

murals, video art, sound art, performance, participatory art, visual art … all welcome!

Your project doesn’t need to be anyhow connected to Zalaegerszeg, or Hungary but it should consider the specific parameters of our space. We encourage you to think spatially. Set up an environment, an experience for the audience, and do not just hang paintings onto the wall; at least paint the walls…  😉

Gallery details:

WIDTH:  3 m / 118.11 in
LENGTH: 5 m / 196.85 in
HEIGHT: ap 2,3 m / 90.55 in

of white, drywall space, no window (one end of the space is the doors, but if needed can also be used as wall surface); gallery plan
All other details below:

Do I have to bring finished work or can I produce works at the location?
Setting up an exhibition project at Red Flamingo should be considered as a residency opportunity; you’ll get two weeks to finish up your project idea. The residency will end with a public presentation/party of your work.
Can I come with a friend?
You can; artists can apply to Red Flamingo programme individually or with their (artist) friend, co-worker, assistant, spouse, sibling … short: there is space for two in the accommodation area, so you can share the costs and/or work etc.
What if I don’t have anyone to join me, but I’d like the option of sharing costs etc.?
No worries, in this case, you can choose the option of a “random collaborator”, and agree to be paired up with another artist who chooses the same option in their application and be challenged to work collaboratively during your stay at D’CLINIC (similar to our MiXER program).
I choose the option of “random collaborator”, do I still have to propose a project idea?
Yes, you do, as we will use this info to try and find you a collaborator that is compatible with your artistic thinking. We will also give you the option to “meet” before the residency, to work out your collaboration project.
Is there a participation fee?
The 2021 Red Flamingo residency spot comes with a 700 Euro participation fee per two-person (meaning the fee can be shared with another artist, friend, co-worker, spouse… or a random collaborator)
For other details regarding the residency fee click here!
Can I apply for a discount?
Kind of; Artists with confirmed participation will get access to participate in our fundraiser campaign to help them fund the required residency fee.
What is included in the fee?
Besides technical assistance on your project set up, opening reception, media promotion, professional event photos;
all guest artists are provided with a private bedroom, shared bathroom facilities, towels and linens, housekeeping service, and a shared kitchen, common area, yard/terrace, bicycle, and wireless internet.
Are there any additional programs or expectations toward the artists?
Each residency at D’CLINIC starts with an art-dinner followed by a “meet the new artist” event, organised at one of our partner institutions; here artists are asked to share (have a presentation) their artistic practice with the peer group and others interested.
What is the Red Flamingo award?
Amongst the realised exhibition projects, one will be awarded a free residency spot for the next season. This awarded spot, however, is for an artist of your choice; meaning you can recommend/enable someone from your network to develo a project at Red Flamingo during the upcoming season.



IMPORTANT, please note: you cannot save your work during the application process. We recommend you prepare your project and the application documents first and copy-paste your answers:
– personal info
– previous work samples (portfolio or website, IG link)
– project proposal max. 1000 characters
– visual sketch pdf file, max. 10M
– preferred residency timing between June 7 and October 3, 2021


We are looking forward to meet and work with you during our first RF exhibition season