terms and conditions


Payment of the residency fee

  • after accepting the residency invitation the applicant is required to settle a payment of the registration fee/deposit which also functions as a confirmation of his/her participation
  • the registration fee is already included in the estimated program fee thus IS NOT AN ADDITIONAL FEE to be paid
  • the registration fee is only partially refundable upon cancellation
  • the actual residency fee is due at the latest 8 (eight) weeks before starting the programme; unless other arrangements have been made.
  • the fee does not include travel expenses, visa, health insurance, art materials, shipping and other personal expenses. // Most artists apply for grants to institutions, foundations, universities, etc. in their country of origin to reach the fee amount to make the residency. D’CLINIC will provide you with all the required documentation if needed. //
  • successful applicants will also be required to pay a refundable bond of 100€ prior to occupancy to cover any costs associated with damage, loss or extraordinary cleaning
  • the residency guests pay their own eventual fines and penalties


Cancellation of the residency place is possible but should be done three months in advance in order to keep the centre dynamic and in its full creative use. This is a responsibility that the selected artists take when they register themselves to the programme.

Any refund of fees already paid is subject to the conditions set out below:

  • if a cancelation is made not later than three months prior to the start of the residency all but 200,00€ (two hundred Euros) of the already paid fee is refundable
  • later the paid deposit/registration fee cannot be refunded
  • in the case of a SHORT NOTICE (less than 5 (five) weeks before arrival) cancellation, the paid residency fee is not refundable
  • If the guest artist for any reason decides to leave the programme before its end, the residency fee is not refundable, not even partly
  • any date changes and/or postponement of the participation to the next season should be agreed on not later than 10 (ten) weeks before the originally planned arrival. If cancellation occurs in such a case all but 200,00€ of the already paid fee is refundable.
  • if the attendance of the planned/paid residency is not possible due to force majeure the artist is entitled to a full refund of the residency fee; or a residency voucher for the next residency season


Time of availability:  

D’CLINIC is desirous of having the artist in residence come to the D’CLINIC for the preset period of time, as an artist in residence to one of the offered residency frameworks.

The artist in residence will work as an independent contractor to promote the arts set forth in the charter of D’CLINIC and more specifically set out below. Artist in residence is desirous of coming to the D’CLINIC premises for said purposes.

The artist in residence will reside at said residence during said period full time. Absences for a reason other than D’CLINIC endeavours must have prior consent from D’CLINIC in writing and attached to this agreement. The artist in residence will have reasonable access to and use of D’CLINIC facilities which include one studio and accommodation place for the purpose of furthering his/her research project or study.

Studio size, access, and condition:

D’CLINIC assigns a studio space to the artist in residence based on his/her work requirements. D’CLINIC has the right of access to the artist in residence studio space at any time without any prior notice. D’CLINIC often has important visitors who we feel compelled to show around the facilities and studios. D’CLINIC also gives tours to potential and existing funders of D’CLINIC. D’CLINIC will make a best effort to give the artist in residence notice of these visits, and will keep these visits brief. The artist in residence is invited to use the D’CLINIC studios in whatever way the artist in residence wishes in order to advance his/her work, however, the space must be returned to D’CLINIC in the same conditions it was when assigned upon arrival. Permanent changes and alterations such as painting surfaces or putting large holes in the walls are not permitted.


The artist in residence will be provided a furnished living space during their residency. It must be left in the same condition as it was assigned upon arrival.

Guest policy:

To respect the solitude of fellow artists, visitors (including partner/friends/children/muse) are not permitted to accompany artists during their residency. ONLY short-term guests (max. 1 week, i.e. 6 nights) are allowed. However, all visits should be agreed on beforehand as overnight stays will be charged 50,00€ (Euro) per night/person. 

Artists with exceptional circumstances can apply for special consideration.

Unless the artist’s animal is an assistance dog or a guide dog pets are not permitted.

Respective property of the parties:

The creative work and efforts of the artist in residence shall be and remain the property of the artist in residence. The cost of shipping work to the artist in residence’s home or studio is their responsibility at the conclusion of the residency. However, the documentation by audio/visual and photographic processes of the activities of the artist in residence while in residence shall remain the property of D’CLINIC. The artist in residence agrees to allow reproduction of said documentation for D’CLINIC promotional materials, at D’CLINIC expense.

Generally, the artist in residence is not obliged to donate any pieces of artwork to D’CLINIC for its permanent collection unless an agreement of a donation was made in exchange for a discount on the residency fee (this applies especially to artists within TRACTOR programme).

Art sales policy and procedures:

D’CLINIC is not a commercial art gallery. It’s not our goal to sell artwork or to promote our residency artists commercially. Artists should refrain from activities that are not directly related to the programme during the residency period, in particular activities of a commercial or improper nature. D’CLINIC takes no responsibility for such activities or their consequences.     

Hold Harmless:

D’CLINIC agrees to hold the artist in residence harmless for any damage or loss paid by the D’CLINIC or on its behalf on account or due to the artist in residence’s intentional or negligent conduct which causes loss or injury to another. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands on the dates indicated.

Independent guest:

During the visit to D’CLINIC and Hungary, the artist in residence is an independent guest. The artist in residence agrees to be responsible for his or her own actions as they pertain to the local community and state and federal laws and regulations.

Community involvement:

The artist in residence is encouraged to attend and participate in all of D’CLINIC events, programs, etc. D’CLINIC board members will also bring guests to these events. D’CLINIC believes these events help to foster a sense of community among the artists and are an avenue for connecting with the public. They are interested in meeting and possibly working with the artist in residence. In addition to open studio visits, the artists have the opportunity to voluntarily conduct creative workshops for the local public. 

Medical awareness:

The artist in residence is responsible for informing D’CLINIC of any serious or life-threatening medical conditions and any medications taken regularly. Should the artist in residence have any specific medical requirements, any special arrangements must be discussed in advance of the residency with the Executive Director.

Code of conduct:

During the residency, the artist in residence agrees to respect the D’CLINIC facilities, including all communal area and shared spaces throughout the complex. The artist in residence is expected to conduct him/herself in an appropriate manner, and respect all others in residence.

While D’CLINIC anticipates that all artists in residence will conduct themselves in a mature and generous way, it is the individual artists’ responsibility to immediately report any incident or allegation of harassment, whether verbal, physical, and/or visual, to the Executive Director, or in his absence, to any board member. D’CLINIC prohibits unlawful harassment, including, but not limited to, race, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, etc. D’CLINIC will conduct such investigations as warranted under the circumstances and take action if needed. D’CLINIC will take reasonable steps to maintain confidentiality and restrict access to information to persons who need to know. D’CLINIC Executive Director has the responsibility of investigating and resolving complaints of harassment. D’CLINIC considers harassment to be a major offense that can result in the termination of a residency.

D’CLINIC reserves the right to terminate a residency if there is an indication that an artist in residences behaviour during a residency at D’CLINIC will or does jeopardize the quality of the experience for other artists in residence, collaborations with affiliate organizations and community relations.


D’CLINIC does not carry health insurance, personal injury, or theft insurance for its artists in residence and should the artist in residence desire this coverage he/she will need to obtain it personally.    

Publicity and promotion:

D’CLINIC will promote the artist in residence presentations and any other community interactions or projects he/she participate in during a residency. Please let D’CLINIC know if the artist in residence is planning any public exhibition/event/performances of work elsewhere during the time of the residency so D’CLINIC can mention them in press releases.

Equal opportunity:

It is the policy of D’CLINIC that there shall be no discrimination with respect to selection of the artist in residence because of race, colour, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, gender, age, physical limitations, or military status.

Background search:

By signature below the artist in residence agrees to allow the D’CLINIC to do a background search including a criminal history search.

Agreement personal as to D’CLINIC:

The offered artist in residency opportunity/invitation is personal as to the artist applying and there may be no substitution in his/her place unless agreed upon by D’CLINIC.

By submitting an application form to any of D’CLINIC open calls you acknowledge that you are familiar with and agree to these terms and conditions.

No further contract will be sent or signed.