TRACTOR online

TRACTOR online

artists in residency : 11.10. – 7.11. 2021

for the virtual exhibition of her project click HERE

Emily Budd

/ Las Vegas, NV
/ @ladybudd

Emily Budd is a lesbian artist specializing in time travel through mold-making. Drawing from a background in bronze-casting and paleontology, Budd’s sculptural work challenges the human perception of time and speculates on our own futurity and fossilization. Reformative monuments, artifacts, and memorials become an act of queer place-making while contemplating human sustainability when facing imminent change. Experiences as a foundry craftsperson and metalworker allow her to navigate between structure and experimentation within a queer context, exploring the possibilities of a separated difference. Budd currently lives and works in the Southwest US where she is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Sculpture at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Residency Project :
I am excited about this virtual residency with the Tractor Programme at D’Clinic Studios to frame a deep dive into my practice and complete a series of works that embody and celebrate a process of social and environmental transformation. Over the next four weeks, I will be exploring and expanding on themes related to various materialities of beeswax, scrap metal, garbage, fossilization, and alternate-gendered existences as discovered through alchemic archaeologies. Foundry craft embodies a process of inherent transformation that I explore as a queer practice. During this residency, I will melt down discarded scrap aluminum to recast and capture moments of movement and metamorphosis that document the gradual evolution of everyday life. I will continue to explore nontraditional memorial-making, using the foundry facilities to document a social form through a community event here in Las Vegas towards the end of the residency. Although I cannot travel to Hungary, I hope to explore parts of the Mojave Desert where I live and share with you how it influences and positions my work

you can join Emily’s journey here, where she is regularly posting new blog posts about her studio progress; the residency will end with an online exhibition and a live stream meet-and-greet presentation … stay tuned!