residency programme


how long can I stay : 1 – 8 weeks
when can I come :
between June and September

does my art practice fit the programme?

We welcome each and every passionate professional from all creative businesses, nationalities, and ages, this includes:

visual artists, designers, working craftspeople, puppeteers, architects, industrial designers, performing artists, photographers, composers, curators, producers, journalists, media artists, writers, poets, thinkers, researchers,…

can we come as an artist duo (or group) ?

You can; within the TRACTOR residency programme, we accept both, applications from individual artists as well as artist duos and/or groups. The art group, however, should be no larger than 6 people.


This programme is for all those creative minds who either wish to change their environment for a couple of weeks and find inspiration in new surroundings or simply need undisturbed time to develop or finish up a body of work.

For those who are longing for disciplinary diversity in the studio, want to escape the (work) “routine” or need an extra push/encouragement to approach new directions in their work.  

As a TRACTOR guest, you will have uninterrupted, self-directed work time, with a 24/7 studio access. We will not pressure you to deliver finished work; you can focus solely on research and development of ideas.

We encourage you to explore, step out of the box, and experiment with different techniques or modes of production.

Test your ideas within a larger frame than your own studio.
  • to enable the transfer of knowledge between different creative disciplines,
  • to provide artists with time,  supportive environment and professional assistance,
  • to establish an exciting platform where artists (and the public) can engage in critical discourse.

The studio and its surrounding are suitable for all kinds of initiatives;

we can provide you a wide range of equipment and/or materials depending on the specific needs and complexity of the planned work.
Each proposed project is discussed and agreed individually.

You also have the option to choose and work with any of the local (art) institutions and/or places.

If no special agreements are made the studio stays modestly arranged with basic equipment (tables, chairs, basic tools & leftover materials).

A general overview of our facilities & equipment available >>>


TRACTOR provides professional development opportunities for artists and does not require gallery-based or other set outcomes or objectives. You can, if that is your goal, concentrate on the development of new ideas only. However,

Artists who stay three or more weeks are offered the opportunity to show their work within a project-exhibition at the end of the residency.

take a look behind the scene, discover the latest events at/around the studio >>>


There is also a possibility to show/share work threw open studio events, reading, screening, workshop, lecture, critique evening… you name it.

Let us know your ideas and desires, and we’ll help you organize the event.


Each residency at D’CLINIC starts with an art-dinner followed by a “meet the new artist” event, organised at one of our partner institutions; here artists are asked to share (have a presentation) their artistic practice with the peer group and others interested.


Generally, periods of three or four weeks are offered. In particular cases a longer or shorter period is negotiable;

however, the residency should not be longer than 8 weeks and shorter than 1 week.


TRACTORR 2021 PARTICIPATION FEE : 300 EURO / week / person

details on what is included + other payment terms and conditions >>>

is there a possibility to lower this fee?

Yes! You can choose the option to donate one of your works, produced during the residency to D’CLINIC collection and we grant you a 15% discount on the residency fee in exchange (it applies to all artistic disciplines).   

is there a grant or scholarship opportunity?

Yes! Artists with confirmed participation will get access to participate in our fundraiser campaign to help them fund / (further) reduce the required residency fee.


IMPORTANT, please note: you cannot save your work during the application process, so here you can download a word documents containing all questions. We recommend you fill in this first and copy-paste your answers from there.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to TRACTOR 2021 residency

LAST MINUTE OPPORTUNITY! – Because of these challenging times, some of our confirmed guest artists are unable to join us here in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary this fall, Thus we have few open spaces left for September, October 2020.
The duration: 1 to 4 weeks (anytime between Sep. 1 – Nov. 1)
Fee: 230 EURO/week.

Apply by sending us an inquiry email to dclinicstudios(at)